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alienlandscape...textile art

The Alienlandscape, is it real?  I can see it, but that doesn't really answer the question

Originally I trained as a weaver, I graduated with a B.A . (Hons) in Woven and Printed Textiles in 1978. Later on, I got my Masters degree in Architecture.  I was a Design Architect for a number of years.

Now I work in fiber;  in wool, in silk,  I use found objects, beads, bones, bugs and gemstones.

Artist Statement

I was educated as a weaver. Color and texture spoke to me, the display of colors and textures that I saw in the landscape around me was so exciting. I expressed my joy in the hand dying and in the woven and knotted sculptural tapestries that I produced. Working on a small scale allowed me to express my delight in my surroundings as tiny visions.

Later I trained as an Architect, and again, tried to understand my environment through the forms that nature expressed around me. Tempering my vision with the norms and utility required was a challenge. I imposed the grid, I rotated the grid. My work became driven by clients who were not particularly interested in this sort of vision. I felt like a mad scientist stuffed into a matchbox.

For some years I was not involved with any employment that was “artistic”. I kept learning and exploring. I was seeing the world the same way that I had always had, but now freedom beckoned me. The  imagerthat I had delighted in, and that I learned to use in the early days of my artistic time now seemed even more intense in my vision. It’s like I’m wearing new glasses, ones that that effect what I see with a freedom that I wasn’t comfortable with before.

My life changed again when I retired. I had been learning new techniques, exploring new (for me) materials and combining mediums all along. Now I have begun producing a new body of work, one informed by the same influences as before, but now I am able to express my visions much more freely. My vision is new and old at the same time, driven by delight in the color and texture that has always been evocative to me, but in a way that is more playful and less constrained by boundaries than ever.

Giving my work titles that are to some degree enigmatic is a delight. It translates into a description of the alienlandscape, of it's daily life and of the stories it can tell, colored by the viewer’s own vision and experience.


What I did on my Holiday

handmade silk "paper" with Japanese mulberry paper, beads, found objects and acrylic on canvas 10" x 10" .


And the Fishes of the Desperate Seas

merino wool, silk, silk habotai, silk georgette, glass beads, acrylic paint on canvas


Cassiopeia Sky

wool, silk fiber, silk organza and glass beads, polyester thread.

Selected: Art Uptown Gallery, "Dog Days of Summer" Exhibition. Juror: Nathan Beard.


Green Gardens (detail)


Currently on exhibit at Craft Art Gallery juried show: Contemporary Textiles Florida 2020

Show held over until August 29, please verify gallery covid hours.

501 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL


The Valley at Sunrise

wool, silk fiber, silk organza, polyester thread, and glass beads. Wet felted, hand and machine stitched

    NEW WORK 2020

Curious Little Fishes 

This piece was awarded a cash prize at the National Collage Society's Small Works Exhibition March 2020. 4" x 6"   The Hill School, Pottstown, PA 

wool, silk fiber, silk organza, polyester thread, and cotton fabric.

Open Up Your Box of Secrets, Take One out for Me 

wool, silk fiber, silk organza, glass beads and polyester thread. Needle felted, wet felted, stitched and embroidered.

Anasazi Echo

wool, silk fiber, silk organza, turquoise stone bead, copper wire and polyester thread. 

Central Park Morning

wool, silk chiffon,organza, druzy, copper wire , polyester thread, and found objects

 works of felt and paper

Works of Paper & Mixed Media

"Who Knows Where The Time Goes?"

The Elements


•   BA (Hons) Fine Art Textiles (Weaving) U.K. 1978

•   MArch, University of New Mexico 1994

•   Design Architect 1994-2003, Albuquerque, NM and Hanover, MA

•   Member: Artists in Cellophane since 2018: Selected by

                           MFA, Boston,

                           National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC,

                           Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA

                           Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston, SC

•  Current Memberships:

                          Art Center of Sarasota

                          Gulf Coast Artists’ Alliance

                          National Collage Society

                          Sarasota Surface Design Guild

                          St Pete ARTWorks Gallery -- Exhibiting member of co-op

                          Suntan Art Center, St Pete beach, FL -- Gallery Artist

                           PAVA Professional Association of Visual Artists

•   Exhibited:

                      Art Center Sarasota: 2018-2020 juried shows: Open Season, New Views,

                            Work of the Heart, Natural Selection, Made Fresh, Unbound and Uncharted                                                                                               

                            Honorable Mention selected work in Made Fresh

                            Second Place: “Flotsam and The Little Fishes” Juror : Tom Stephens-- Current https://www.artsarasota.org/currentexhibitions

                      Uptown Gallery Sarasota, juried show: Dog Days of Summer 2019

                      Suntan Art Gallery -- Current

                      National Collage Society Member Small Format Show, Pottstown, PA --   Cash Prize Winner "Curious Little Fishes"

                      St Pete ArtWORKS Featured Artist Feb-April 2020

                      Juried show at Florida Craft Art Gallery “Florida Contemporary Textiles 2020” Current


•   Upcoming Schedule 2020:

                        Selected work to be published in 3rd edition of Salann Magazine

                        One woman show scheduled: September 18, 2020 at LEXOW Gallery, Sarasota, FL

                       National Collage Society Member Show 2020 opens 27 March until 8 May 2020

assemblage!  and other works

Starting in 2014, these works provide an outlet for my vision which incorporates the actual objects that are in my little universe: objet trouve, the detritus that finds its way into my collection, bits and pieces that my friends have picked up on their wanderings, insects, sticks, handmade paper, deconstructed textiles, leftovers from previous projects that I had to keep. Oh, and Creepy Doll parts.

These works are delicate

The fibers I use may fade from UV exposure.  They are hand dyed and the colors may be more fugitive than commercially dyed fibers.

They may suffer damage from environmental conditions such as moths, dirt and abrasion.

 Each work has a natural, moth repelling lavender sachet attached to it's back. This should be replaced or rejuvenated with a drop or two of lavender oil periodically. 

Please do not vacuum or dust the surface, rather, use a can of air to gently remove any dust or dirt off the surface. Spray air from a distance of at least 8 inches, so as not do disturb or otherwise rearrange the fibers.

Do not hang in direct sunlight, and hang where children are not tempted to poke their fingers into the fibers or to pick at the textured areas.

Recent Projects

In 2018 I was pleased to become one of the Artists in Cellophane, when my series  of 50 alienlandscapes became part of the Art* O*Mat program.

Please visit www.artomat.org to read about this exciting program and to discover where you can buy art from their brilliant re purposed cigarette vending machines.   There are around 400 contributing artists from 10 different countries currently involved in the Art-o-mat® project.

All of my alienlandscapes have sold! I have just completed my next batch of 50. This makes over 200 works so far. Some of the locations that have stocked my work include:    

  • The National Portrait Galley at the Smithsonian in Washington,DC 
  •   The Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA
  •    The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in Charleston,SC

Recently,I entered the Art Center Sarasota show "Unbound". I was pleased that all three of the works I entered were accepted;then I was very pleased to be notified that my piece "Flotsam and the Little Fishes" was awarded second place. Unfortunately the critique and the opening were postponed because of the health crisis. You can view the show online at:  https://www.artsarasota.org/currentexhibitions . The juror, Tom Stephens wrote:

"...I selected entries for the exhibit based on the 7 visual components of art: color, line, form, shape, space, texture and value.The most successful, chosen for awards, also displayed a high level of craftsmanship in their execution..."

See my work in St. Petersburg, FL Galleries

 StPete ARTWORKS Gallery  at 2412 Central Avenue, Downtown St Petersburg, FL.

 I am excited to be shown in St. Pete and I invite you to come see my work the gallery and don't forget, the StPete ArtWalk is every second Saturday! 

Contemporary Textiles, 2020. One of my  pieces, "Green Gardens" has been chosen for this exhibition at Florida CraftART Gallery. 


Interested in my work? Please contact me below

Thanks for checking out my website. BTW, to get the full effect, view on laptop or desktop, on your phone's small screen it gets messy!!